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"Y/n mama?" Rei stops. “Rei en su nido después del celo de Kazuki #BuddyDaddies #Buddy_Daddies #kazurei #omegavers #celo #fanart #NSFW #バディダディ”. Jan 7, 2023 · Whereas Spy X Family takes a more comedic approach to the primary family unit (with some fun & suspenseful spy shenanigans thrown in), Buddy Daddies feels far more real. Kazuki and Rei dressed up as Santa to surprise Miri, as seen in Buddy Daddies episode 12 (Image via P.

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Along with Kazuki, he is an assassin who is silent but has strong physical.

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. This was. Rei: Eh— Kyutaro: It’s also an orange flag. 1.

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Works Family Story of Two Killers and a Girl.

Buddy Daddies Spoilers. Jan 22, 2023 · Joint-produced by Aniplex and Nitroplus with P.

Rei hates to be touched and to be dragged around, but doesn't seem to bother much when Kazuki is the one dragging him, and although he tries to resist, Rei doesn't try to push or hit Kazuki away.



. Reply More posts you may like. Porn with Feelings. Part 2 of the Spy x Family and Buddy Daddies crossover, Kazuki joins Yor and Rei.

8K subscribers in the BuddyDaddies community. r. . Buddy Daddies Spoilers.


. 7w6. It's very gay.

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. . Unfortunately, one of their missions goes awry, resulting in Kazuki taking in the daughter of their newly-deceased target.

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Page 2: Kyutaro during rei and kazuki's first meeting:. Works and produced by Aniplex and Nitroplus. It's very gay. .